“Once Tesla hit about 6 months I started to notice the itching” says her owner Kris, “It seemed like if she wasn’t eating or sleeping she’d be scratching or nibbling on herself, it drove me crazy!” At 16 months old Tesla, a Golden Retriever, chewing on herself, had removed the majority of fur from her belly.

For months Kris bought various premium dog foods for Tesla in hopes of alleviating her food allergy problems, but after only a few weeks Tesla would gain intolerance to the brand and begin biting herself. “I got to the point where I thought I was going to have to try making my own raw dog food” but then a friend suggested she try AvoDerm.

“Immediately we saw a difference...that’s when I knew we had found a solution.”

“Immediately we saw a difference” Kris notes, “Tesla’s belly went from an inflamed red to a pale tone and it was no longer hot to the touch.” The sores from her incessant biting began to heal and Tesla stopped scratching, all within the first few days. “I was so delighted to see the hair on her belly begin to grow back, that’s when I knew we had found a solution.”