As they say, when you’ve got an itch, you have to scratch. But for this friendly schnauzer, the scratching was constant. “It was unmerciful itching ... she would try to go to sleep and then she’d wake up and scratch, scratch, scratch,” reports Morgan’s owner Bonnie. Diagnosed with a food allergy at the Animal Rescue Foundation clinic, she was eating a limited-ingredient dog food. It definitely helped, but didn’t make the itching go away completely. Then Bonnie got a chance to try AvoDerm® dog food. “Within two weeks, she was a different dog,” says Bonnie.

“Within two weeks, she was a different dog.”

Morgan is 12, but you’d never know it. Noticing the difference after Morgan had switched to AvoDerm® Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula, Bonnie’s daughter exclaimed, “She doesn't look like an old dog anymore!” Bonnie explains, “Well, my goodness, when you’re itching and miserable and scratching ... she was just an unhappy dog ... [Now] she has a happier attitude about life.” She jokes, “I tried it myself, and it doesn’t help for me to eat it.”