Edwin, a 20-month-old greyhound, is one lucky dog. Susan and Michael adopted him from Golden State Greyhound Adoption, an organization that rescues ex-racing greyhounds. "These aren't pets (to their former owners)," explains Susan, "they're money. They're kept in crates for up to 20 hours per day ... They don't even know how to walk up stairs."

The only running Edwin does these days is in their backyard ... or to his dinner dish. "He really loves his AvoDerm Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula," says Susan. "He licks every bit of it out of his bowl." She switched Edwin to AvoDerm® pet food because his digestive problems didn't subside along with his new-home jitters. "He had bad gas ... it would wake me up in the night, it was so strong," she laughs, "like, open-all-the-windows strong."

“We’re really happy with the results ... I recommend AvoDerm all the time.”

Now, she says, "It's so much better ... nothing like we had been experiencing." And as a side benefit, Edwin’s normal shedding seems to be decreasing — and his coat, which was soft to start with, has gotten even softer. "We're really happy with the results ... In fact the AvoDerm Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula is a family tradition. This is actually our third dog to show improvement with AvoDerm, it was a no-brainer for us, I recommend this food all the time to others.” states Susan.