Beau is a big dog. “He's so friendly. People look at him and they're kind of intimidated, like they think he’s going to be mean, but he’s so not ... he’s gentle with everyone,” says owner Lisa, from Concord, CA. In fact, he’s so gentle that he gets bossed around by Lisa’s pug Chloe, despite the fact that Beau, a husky/shepherd/lab mix, outweighs Chloe by over 50 pounds.

In the summer of 2013, Beau started scratching himself “worse than he’s ever scratched,” explains Lisa. It got so bad that she brought him to the Animal Rescue Foundation clinic, where he got a combination of antihistamines and cortisone. “It worked a little bit,” says Lisa, but Beau was often scratching “every few minutes.”

Lisa noticed that Beau was “scratching quite a bit less.”

When she got the opportunity to try AvoDerm® dog food through the FoodShare program she jumped at the chance. After a few weeks on the Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula, Lisa noticed that Beau was “scratching quite a bit less ... it seems like he’s cut way down now ...” As an added bonus, Lisa notes, “his coat looks really good, it’s super-soft ... and I think it’s a lot shinier.”