Hi! My name is Gus Putnam. I wanted to call you and tell you how much I love your food and thank you for the coupons. Mom wouldn’t let me use the telephone. So I’ll write. First, I belonged to a truck driver – he fed me happy meals and his wife hit me. Then I was rescued and saw my new mom. She was going to a restaurant and I made a fuss, knowing she loved little dogs and she didn’t have one. She stopped of course – who wouldn’t – I’m cute! Next thing I got my wish and became her 4th son.

Then, because of the Happy Meals, I had to have several dental surgeries and now have no teeth. This last year mom has searched and searched for a food I could eat. I have a very little mouth. I didn’t like most of the canned food – no flavor and hard to get down. The hard food was too big for me to gum and I would choke on it. She took me to the doctor and he said I was a ‘picky’ eater. The nerve! How much dog food has he tried?

Then a lady at the bank, who has 2 dogs without teeth said to try Avoderm. So mom went immediately and got some. It actually tastes good and I can eat it. We started out with canned, but I missed my hard food, so we are trying the hard Senior. I also loved the Small Breed Adult. My mom crushes the Senior a little.

I am happy because I don’t have to pretend I need to go potty to get a treat because I’m hungry. Mom has had some bumps in the road where her money was tight. She called for coupons so I could have the food I like and each time the person was very nice and helped us out with coupons. Mom is not working now because of a fall at work, so she is home. I like that. But she wanted me to tell you how nice your workers are and she values the company.
Hermitage, Tennessee


I just wanted to say thank you for making wonderful pet food products. I have tried every brand out there and my dogs always left some of the food in their bowl, when I tried AvoDerm Naural they fell in love. They eat it all like there is no tomorrow and they look so much better then they have in years. Their coats are so much prettier and so shiny; they are just doing so amazing. It’s all thanks to AvoDerm. We live over an hour away from the closest store for our dog food, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for making our pet family more healthy and stronger. It means the world to us! Thank you! 
Sapello, NM


AvoDerm & Kookies:
I have just started my 3 dogs, Stella, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy, a Border Collie/Papillon mix and Desi, a Poodle/Shih-Tzu mix, on AvoDerm. They are doing great! Lucy and Stella both have sensitive stomachs and Desi has a dry skin problem. The "poops" are firm, and they seem to only go once to twice a day! I've had them on many other very high quality holistic foods, even grain-free, and so far this has been the best food yet! And they love it, too! Even Lucy, who has to be the pickiest dog on the planet! I have read all kinds of scary stories about avocados, I trust Breeder's Choice in that I know they would not put out a product that would harm dogs. And I have never heard of a report of any dog being harmed by your food or your food being recalled. So, we are happy with AvoDerm. We use the Kookies and can food too. Thanks so much for being a great dog food provider!
Mason, OH


I wanted you to know how well your AvoDerm Senior dog food helped my dog. I had switched from Canidae to Purina ProPlan because I had a coupon. On ProPlan my one dog's fur started falling out and her coat was dull. My Vet recommended putting corn oil on the food, which I did. Then I found an AvoDerm coupon in Dog Fancy, so I bought a bag. After a month, both of my senior dogs are doing well and their coats are shiny.
Wadsworth, OH


I'm writing to thank you for AvoDerm and to tell you our "success story." We adopted Buddy, a wonderful West Highland White terrier, from the animal shelter in 2000. Over the years, Buddy's allergies worsened. By 2005, Buddy was miserable and so were we. He had chewed and scratched most of his fur off, his skin was dark, rough and cracked, he could not stop scratching. We tried EVERYTHING! We had Buddy tested for food allergy and found he was allergic to almost everything found in most dog foods: corn of any type, lamb, oatmeal, potato, pork and dairy. Poor dog! Our Vet put Buddy on a venison and potato diet, which helped for a while, as did cooking meat for him in the slow cooker--but eventually, the potato made the prescription diet impossible and the Vet worried that Buddy wouldn't get all the vitamins he needed. We did find an acceptable brand and his allergies cleared up a bit--but then the food was recalled in 2007.

As we checked--item by item--the ingredient listings of every dog food NOT affected by the recall that we found at the local PetsMart, we came across AvoDerm. The Original Oven-Baked beef meal formula, as well as the puppy food, were the only two foods we found that met Buddy's needs. We switched him to the adult variety (he is now almost 10) and we were amazed--within three months, his allergy symptoms completely disappeared! No more scratching, no more biting his skin, no more pulling out his fur, no more waking us up with his whining from frustration. Within six months, his fur had grown back and the skin was once again pink and soft. He has gone from taking five daily medications to one, a vitamin for his immune system. No more prednisone, no more benadryl, no more antibiotics and antifungals--with the allergy cleared up, the opportunistic infections can't get a foothold. Now the only trace of Buddy's past is some thin fur near his tail--otherwise, he looks wonderful! He acts much younger than his years and recently completed an obedience course ("You'd never know he's 10 years old," according to the trainer.)  We also added a Labrador retriever pup to our family in April. Onyx is doing beautifully on AvoDerm Puppy food--glossy coat, growing nicely, and happy and healthy. We don't even have to worry about Buddy "stealing" her food--it does not trigger his allergies.

Thank you so much for the care and effort you put into AvoDerm. Buddy is sweet, smart, loyal and affectionate, truly my "best buddy"--and I was actually so discouraged with his misery that I considered putting him to sleep. Thanks to AvoDerm, he is happy, healthy, and as handsome on the outside as he is on the inside.
Malabar, FL


Adult Chicken & Brown Rice:
My 5 dogs love AvoDerm Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Dog Food. I can't express enough how much of a difference I have seen in their general health after switching to this brand a year ago. You rock!!!
Junction City, KS


Hi, I just wanted to tell you how great your pet products are. We love them, our pets and us! I’m sure we are like many other pet owners and want the best nutrition for our pets! You provide high quality ingredients, unlike many other brands. We can always be assured that they are getting the very best with AvoDerm pet food! Thanks so much.
Bassett, VA


I just wanted to leave a compliment. I’ve been using AvoDerm dog food for almost 6 years now and I get tons of comments on my dog’s coat of how shiny and soft it is. Before I started using AvoDerm he was itchy and dry and not happy, but ever since then he has been in fantastic health. He is lively, energetic, regular, soft and has a mushy wet nose. I’ve also used the wet food and boy does he gobble it up when I use it - we usually only use that on special occasions though. Well, he really loves any of the food and all of it has kept him looking good.
Castle Rock, CO


I just wanted to tell you how great your product is. I have a male Schnauzer General he has always had a bad skin allergy that no vet has been able to cure. I found your AvoDerm Vegetarian dog food and I was amazed in a matter of just a few days he seemed to stop scratching and the odor from his coats seem to go away.

In a matter of a few weeks, his coat began to fill back in and start turning very soft. It has given him the energy of a puppy again and he is 13 years old. He is a very satisfied and playful dog again. I can’t tell you how much your product has done for him. Thanks for making his life so much better.
Montgomery, TX


Now they are just 8 months old, AvoDerm is the best I have ever tried. I just have to say that I have tried a few products for my puppies. I used coupons to buy Science Diet and Iams. My little guys ate a few pieces to try and would not ever eat it again. So, here I was stuck with this food. I always went back to AvoDerm. I will never try anything else again. Even my Vet suggested I use this very expensive dry and wet food he sells. AvoDerm is the best food for my puppies. They are healthy, happy and so active. Their coats are like satin and have a high glossy sheen. They have never been sick from this food, like they got with Iams. It has a nice aroma and not greasy and smelly like the Science Diet is (the dry food). Anyway, I just had to tell you that I am so pleased with AvoDerm. I have not found a better product. It has no by-products, fillers or glutens. The price is unbeatable and since I have two puppies! I can still feed them with healthy foods. Thank you for such a great product for our little buddies. Please don't ever discontinue this product!!!
West Islip, NY


I was amazed when I purchased a small bag of AvoDerm Senior Adult for my 11 year old German Shorthair Pointer he ate it right out of my hand. In his 11 years, he has NEVER eaten any dry kibble without human food added or gravy on it. He licks the bowl clean! I had him on Nutro but I'm going tomorrow to purchase a large bag of AvoDerm Senior he loves it!!! :)
Newark, DE


Just wanted to drop you a short note and tell you how much I appreciate the AvoDerm product. We recently got a rescued Boston Terrier. He has a sensitive stomach and had dry skin. After one bag of AvoDerm, his dry skin was fine and he had no trouble digesting his food. Better yet, he likes it. Thanks again.
Littleton, CO


Oven-Baked Lamb & Brown Rice:
I have a Shih Tzu, who is allergic to chicken, and corn. I have tried many foods and shampoos, he just keeps itching like he has fleas, even though he is treated with Frontline, and has no fleas. AvoDerm OVEN-BAKED Lamb and Brown Rice is the only food I've found that doesn't make him itch.
Corvallis, OR


I have never written to a company regarding their product, but I have never been so amazed with a product! We have 5 dogs!  The floor in my house was always covered in “fur bunnies”.  I have always stuck with the same brand of food for the last 15 years, but the last time I visited our local feed store I decided to try something new . . . AvoDerm!  I really didn’t even anticipate any changes in our dogs.  I was just trying a new food!  About 4 weeks after I began feeding them AvoDerm, a miracle happened . . . I happened to look down at the floor FOUR DAYS after I had vacuumed and I there was NOTHING there!!!  I went to each dog and scratched his or her favorite spots and NO hair was flying!  I was so amazed; I called my husband at work to tell him the “miracle”!  Our two senior dogs have “puppy fur” again; it is so soft and shiny.  Sure, with 5 dogs we have some hair, but we will never feed our dogs anything else!

Thank you . . . thank you . . . thank you!!!!
Garden Valley, CA


Lamb Meal & Brown Rice:
We recently switched to AvoDerm Lamb and Rice formula. Our dog was eating a very well known brand that the breeder fed and recommended. For some reason she stopped eating. It could have been anything but probably food related. We were thinking of switching to another natural, premium brand since we could not find locally. Our dog has been eating AvoDerm happily for a few weeks. She barely leaves any behind, unlike her old food.

Philadelphia, PA


I just wanted to pass along some kudos on your product. This past spring I switched my dog to your AvoDerm Vegetarian dog food for meat sensitive dogs. It was out of desperation that I tried your product as my little Chihuahua developed a horrible rash as a 2 year old that her vet was unable to pinpoint and we couldn't get rid of. Since her diet had not changed, we really didn't suspect a food allergy but I started switching foods anyway with no luck. We were just about ready to have her skin tested for contact allergens when I stumbled on your product and made the switch to AvoDerm. Her rash cleared up in two weeks and she's been rash free ever since. It's not easy to find, especially the 4.4 lb. bag (great for smaller dogs), but it's a fantastic product and I just thought you should know.
Canton, CT


Lamb Meal & Brown Rice:
My name is Margo and I adopted a Boxer/Dane/Hound Mix that was found as a stray running down the streets of a Detroit Suburb.  "Winston" was taken in by a great rescue and fully vetted and placed in a foster home pending an adoption.  I fell in love with Winston the moment I saw his picture and adopted him.  Winston is a large dog, just under 100 pounds and very loveable, but his skin was so pink and he was scratching so much I took him to the vet right away.  Winston had already been to a vet with the rescue but I wanted to "double check" that he didn't have a parasite or infection.  The vet gave him a couple shots and tests, a special shampoo and antibiotics, but after two weeks there wasn't too much of a difference.  I decided to try changing his food and asked for a recommendation. The vet suggested "AvoDerm" and I was able to pick it up at my local "PetSmart".  After 3 weeks of feeding Winston the Lamb and Brown Rice formula, his coat has such a beautiful shine to it, a gorgeous deeper color, his skin is not nearly as dry and the scratching is almost entirely gone! The pink color has faded as well!  He loves the food and I decided to switch my rescue Chihuahua over to it as well!  I am thankful for this food and hope more people take the time to try it out!
Mrs. Schmidt


Chicken Meal & Brown Rice:
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a wonderful product. I brought home a small older dog from Chicago Animal Care and Control. When I got him, he was 25% under-weight; his skin and coat were in awful condition. I started him on Iams dog food because that is what I fed my last dog twenty years ago. My new dog's skin and coat got even worse, so I tried the Royal Canin and the vet recommended different shampoos and some canned food. Nothing worked, until I happened to walk down the aisle at the pet store and saw your product. To be honest, what first caught my eye was that your product was less expensive than Iams and the Royal Canin. I bought a bag of the Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula, and within three days, he was scratching himself significantly less (I had to mix yours with the old brand at first to get him to switch over). This was two bags ago, and I am ecstatic to report to you and everyone else in the world that I have never seen a more beautiful shiny and healthy coat on a now - itch free dog. What an amazing transformation! I have been telling everyone about your great product and have also recently purchased the treats you make too and my dog “Homer” loves those as well.

I thank you again so much and hope everyone has as wonderful an experience with your product as I have. More than satisfied customer!
Chicago, IL


Lamb Meal & Brown Rice:
I've been using your AvoDerm Lamb Meal and Brown Rice dry dog food for over a year now with my American Pit Bull and it has worked wonders where others have failed in many areas. No other brand or formula has kept her skin smoother, eyes brighter, energy higher and most importantly her stomach loves this food! I will continue to use it from here on out and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone that may ask. Thank you for such a great product!
Orlando, FL


Chicken Meal & Brown Rice:
I recently purchased a bag of AvoDerm Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Adult dog food and I was completely surprised at the great quality of this food! I regularly feed my dog Iams, and I wanted to try a better food for him. The food smells like real food instead of the "dog food" odor and my dog was in heaven! He loves it and I can already tell the ingredients are helping his dry skin. I'm so glad I tried this product it's so much better for him than the other cheaper brands.

Apple Valley, MN


Oven-Baked Original:
I am a breeder of English Setters and Dachshunds and have just stumbled upon your AvoDerm Original with Beef Meal Oven-Baked Adult dog food and my dogs love it.

I have ten dogs and have been struggling for the past two years with supposedly pure, holistic or natural foods to no avail. They will eat half of a bag and then either get sick or refuse to eat at all. I am forced to cook foods to add to it to make it palatable. This still keeps their bowels loose as the bad food is still going into them. They lose condition and energy too.

I used to use Canidae but it would go rancid. Canidae denied they were changing the formula or sending too much out to retailers and letting it get rancid on the shelves. I was convinced that it was old feed when I opened a bag and discovered weevils.

Then I went to Wellness, Bil Jac, California Natural, Solid Gold and then Dick Van Patten's feed. All of those products made them sick and I was sick and tired of taking care of long show coats, cleaning the yard the house and just tired of it all.

I started home cooking but was spending more than I could afford.

I switched to Pro Plan Performance but they got sick on that too. I later found out that they too had changed the formula and added chicken gristle, making my dogs sick. Some breeds can handle anything, but not English Setters. I knew it was the food because I had many stool samples taken, had them medicated for various infections and it would not stop.

Then I started to try and find a baked food and went to Precise. I called the factory to make sure it was not made by an outside manufacturer and was baked. They guaranteed me that it was made at their own place and told me how it was made. I started using it then after they eased my fears.

It was good until they too manipulated and changed the formula. My dogs got sick again and I called them to ask what they changed. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.... the very same things Canidae and Pro Plan added. Then I found out it was not really baked, but extruded and coated with grease to preserve it.

I knew I had to try and find a dog food that was baked. Then I saw your feed in PETCO and it was baked. I thought AT LAST a food that is not going to be coated with grease and turn rancid on me.

I am very happy with this food. Whatever you are doing, PLEASE leave this food alone!! I have told the entire Setter community, Dachshund community on many chat lists we breeders join about this food. We have all had problems with various dog foods. More than just a few are trying this particular line of AvoDerm and so far are very happy with it.

I do many performance sports and show them as well. A perfect food matters to me very much as I do obedience, tracking, conformation, field trials and agility.

Please do not monkey around with this feed and keep the fresh supply coming. I am relieved now that my dogs are starting to thrive.
Coatesville, PA


I was amazed when I purchased a small bag of AvoDerm Senior Adult for my 11 year old German Shorthair Pointer he ate it right out of my hand. In his 11 years, he has NEVER eaten any dry kibble without human food added or gravy on it. He licks the bowl clean! I had him on Nutro but I'm going tomorrow to purchase a large bag of AvoDerm Senior he loves it! :)
Newark, DE


Chicken Meal & Brown Rice / Lite Can:
Just wanted to let you know-Roxie, my 2-year-old toy poodle, is a very picky eater. She is also prone to intestinal upset. I have tried many foods-either she won't eat the food or the food gives her an upset stomach. I recently tried AvoDerm Chicken and Brown Rice dry food mixed with AvoDerm Lite canned. Roxie loves this food she eats her whole bowl! She also no 
longer has any intestinal problems. Additionally, her coat has never looked better and she no longer scratches.

I wanted to thank your company for making such a wonderful product. I am going to try the AvoDerm cat food for Pooter, my 6-month-old tabby.
West Palm Beach, FL


I bought your brown rice, oatmeal and chicken formula today. We have four adopted Standard Poodles who are not particularly big eaters and share one bowl and take turns. I opened the bag and they were greatly interested!! I ended up putting out 4 bowls because they were anxious to eat...they love it and I love the ingredients...this is a first. Thank you!
West Palm Beach, FL


Your AvoDerm saved a lot of dogs’ lives in my rescue. Sick dogs, starving and abused dog, all throwing up and with diarrhea and coats that were falling out. Your product made a difference in DAYS. It is expensive but the best. We ask people to donate it for our animals because it works and works fast.

Thanks for a great product that we recommend to all adoptive doggy parents, and who we have recommended to owners on doggyspace.com. Even the ugh poop clean up patrol is happier since there is so much less waste to clean up. Your product is probably meant for breeders who have champion dogs, but our little pound pups are champions in their own right and deserve a food that will not only sustain them but also heal them from the inside out.
Troutman, NC


Lamb Meal & Brown Rice:
I just wanted to drop you a few lines and tell you how impressed I am with your line of products. I am an animal health technician and I know from first hand experience just how important proper diet is to your pet’s health and longevity. Roughly a year and a half ago, my stepfather and I adopted a shelter dog for the price of thirty-one dollars. I immediately changed his diet from commercial brand to your premium brand of lamb and brown rice. I have been in this field of Veterinarian work off and on for ten years, and have attended seminars given by competitors in the premium brand pet food line. A lot of them make the claim of being the best; yet I have never seen in this line of work, better results than a dog or feline who has been on AvoDerm.

I live in Nevada where our climate is dry and a low level of humidity. We do not have issues with fleas or ticks, yet due to dryness, we do have a lot of pets that come in with skin allergies. The first thing any Veterinarian does is to give a shot of cortisone to stop the itching. Then they recommend whatever competitors’ line of pet food they have on their shelves. The skin allergies never seem to clear up. When the Veterinarian would leave the room, I would recommend your product to our clients. The shots of cortisone for these clients’ pets would diminish when they would switch over to AvoDerm.

People in this field laugh at me for buying a premium diet food for a rescue mixed breed. My dog is a Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel. However, it is I who get the last laugh. I walk my dog three times a day; give him fresh water and the correct amount of AvoDerm Lamb and Brown Rice. I had his blood drawn while we were vacationing in Oregon. I have included a copy of it because I run blood/lab and I know when a pet is in ill health. Please note that all of his hematology blood work came back not only in normal range, but also precisely down the middle. In the Olympics this would have scored a perfect ten! The veterinarian there could not believe her eyes when the lab results came in.

My dog may have only cost $31.00, but to me, he is every bit as worthy of your line of dog food as any purebred alive. His worth to me and to my stepfather is priceless. Thank you for taking the time to care about our pet’s health. I will always recommend your line of pet food. Not to mention it was one of the few premium diets who did not hit the recall list. Way to go! I’ve never had to give him a shot of cortisone thanks to AvoDerm.
Gardnerville, Nevada


My Border Collie has just been diagnosed with Addison's disease and I wanted a natural treat without fillers or garbage from China, and one that had the calorie of each cookie on the label. I purchased your product for her and she loves it. Thank you for such a great product. I have since purchased 2 more bags and have them on hand.
Bullhead City, AZ


About 4 months ago, I switched my dog and cats to your product. Why? I had been to our neighborhood dog park and noticed a Doberman with the most beautiful, shiny coat that I have ever seen. When I asked the owner which brand of dog food he used he said, "AvoDerm". While he gave your product a ringing endorsement, it was the dog's coat that convinced me to switch.

Now four months later, my two Bengal cats and my German Shorthaired Pointer have a coat that shines like it has been freshly conditioned. All of them seem to have much more energy than ever before.

On behalf of my furry family, "thank you"! I continue to be one of your best promoters!
Las Vegas, NV


I just wanted to say Thank you for making such a wonderful dog food. My 2-year-old Weimaraner/Shar Pei mix has an extremely sensitive stomach. We have had a very hard time finding a food for him. I had just about lost hope, he was having diarrhea off and on for 2.5 months. I bought a small bag of your food and within 24 hours he had normal stools! :-) He loves your food. I have never seen him get so excited to eat.

Thank you again and please don't change anything about your food - it works!
Westville, IN


Thank you for AvoDerm. We just discovered it and after only three weeks eating his new food (we had been giving him Nutro for the past 4 years), our rescue greyhound has grown soft downy fur on his belly, hindquarters, and chest. He was previously bald in those areas. Not only has he grown new fur, his dandruff has cleared up. I love what the product does and I love that it is American made. Thanks!
Corona, CA


Just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful product. I am a true believer of your products. I use the AvoDerm Vegetarian wet and dry dog food. I have an almost 3-year-old mini Doxie, Lillie, who was born with a liver shunt disorder. The vets wanted Lillie to go to NC State Vet School to have a very expensive and extensive surgery done to correct the malformation. She was not filtering out the toxins in her blood. After weighing the risks of the surgery, I decided to do a little internet research and had found where people had controlled their pet’s liver problems with diet, just as people do, so we went dog food shopping! Lillie really likes your products and after being on the food for a little over a year I am pleased to announce that all of her liver and blood levels are completely normal! Either this is a miracle or your product; I am not willing to take the chance of switching her food. Thanks!
Asheboro, NC


Adult Lamb Meal & Rice:
We saved a pitiful dying dog, starving and too weak to walk. He had rampant diarrhea, threw up bile and would just lie there. The vet did not have much hope for “Brandon”. He was a hound that looked like a skeleton whose hair was falling out. He had every kind of worm imaginable including heartworm along with skin and ear infections. We decided to give your product a try after reading labels on dozens of different products. It was expensive but it looked good. We had to hand feed him lamb and rice in can many times a day, and when he was eating on his own we added some of your dry food and some of your Booster or “vitamin powder”. We got Brandon before Thanksgiving and now 3 months later he is alive and not only well, but beautiful thanks to your amazing products.

The vet was beside himself when we took him in for his heartworm check. Brandon gained 12 pounds of solid muscle...not fat. No more rib and sunken in legs. His coat is just gleaming. When the sun reflects of his back he actually glows black and copper. I know it is your food that brought him from the brink of death and I want to thank you in his behalf.

I recommend your products to everybody. When I first bought it the store they only had a little display but now it has a whole wall of your stuff. Another thing, kind of a yucky subject, is that the dogs stool is firm. If he has an accident you can bag it up without it running into the carpet. He only goes once a day like clockwork and I think that your product does not produce a lot of waste matter. Brandon will soon be looking for a forever home, but if he does not find one, we will keep him. Thanks for a terrific product.
Mooresville, NC


Oscar is a big fan of the AvoDerm dry dog foods as they are the only non-prescription dog foods on the market without principal ingredients that he is allergic to (barley, corn, carrots, potato & wheat).  After six months of changing his diet, his allergies are maintained without medication and he hasn't has a single ear infection.  He still thoroughly enjoys his AvoDerm food and has a beautiful coat!

Thank you Breeder's Choice for giving us an affordable option.
East Peoria, Illinois


Our animals LOVE AvoDerm food! We had been feeding another high-grade brand of dry and wet food to our dogs (a Newfoundland/lab mix and an English Mastiff puppy) and cats (4 mixed varieties) until the pet food recall. When even our former "natural" brand was pulled from the shelves, we were terrified as to what to feed our "babies". We considered and even tried cooking ourselves, but were concerned that they were not getting enough nutrients. And the few "safe" varieties we managed to find did not meet our pet's palettes – we ended up throwing half of the food away each day. Then we found AvoDerm. We have been feeding all of our pets AvoDerm (the baked varieties for our dogs and the chicken and herring to our cats) for the last few months and I am so happy to report that our Mastiff puppy, Henry, is putting on weight (he's stopped growing up and now he's filling out...250lbs and counting at 23 months old) and his skin and coat are beautiful! His "brother" Bart has a beautiful dark coat and is our finicky eater he amazes us everyday when he licks his bowl clean of every crumb of kibble (never before has this happened with a dry food), and our four cats are thriving, energetic and bright-eyed!

Thank you so much for a wonderful product that we can feel safe feeding our beloved pets. We will continue to use AvoDerm because we know it is exceptionally good for them...and they love it! Thanks again!
Roanoke, VA


I just had to write, to your company. I have worked in the veterinary field for over 7 years. I still do, as a receptionist/tech. I personally own 4 dogs, one rescue dog that has had chronic skin and weight issues for years. He's been on every antibiotic made, endless shampoos and various foods (usually Hills, due to my job discounts). This past week, I finally decided to take him off every drug (bloody stools were beginning) and try something new...a simple food change. A "real" food change! Nothing else in my dog's mouth but your product! I actually read the bag at the store, and liked what I saw.

I'm not one to truly believe in miracles but let me tell you the coat on this animal has never looked better! His stools are well formed and the chronic body odor that used to linger through the house is diminishing. He even walks better. It simply amazes me, and I just thought that I should pay credit where credit is due. I purchased this AvoDerm on a whim but now I will actually look to keep him on this food, as it has cleared problems this poor little guy has been plagued with for years. Thank you!

You have a wonderful product!
Coconut Creek, FL


I just wanted to send an email on how wonderful AvoDerm products are. I have a one-year-old black pug who just loves her AvoDerm dog food and your shampoo and conditioner. Everywhere we go, honestly, people always walk up to us and compliment on healthy and beautiful her coat looks. I tell everyone how they should try AvoDerm, because of all its benefits. Pugs have very sensitive skin, and since we have been using your line of products, I have really noticed a difference. I just want to thank your company again for all of the wonderful things it offers, and for the products that keep Gracie, beautiful!!

I am a grateful customer, and keep up the GREAT work!
Kennesaw, GA


I first came in contact with AvoDerm in Fallbrook, California as a dog shampoo. I bought a gallon and fought the battle of the fleas. Being a grower of Avocados and watching dogs and Coyotes eat the drop fruit it was apparent that they had the greatest coat that shined in the sunlight. Even the Coyotes were ready for an AKC show. I adopted “Chemin de Furr”, an American short hair, and tried another high quality cat food. When I went back to PETCO I noticed AvoDerm on the shelf and bought it. You guessed it, I can see her in the dark as her coat shines. A great product, a great company.
Las Vegas, NV


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with AvoDerm. Bean, my 13 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, developed an allergy to the grass in this area. For the past few years, I've tried him on just about every food I could think of, not to mention washing his legs and feet off after he'd been outside. He has been so bad that you would have sworn he was trying to eat his feet. The next step would have been steriods, which I've been avoiding. Six weeks ago, I started him on the AvoDerm Senior, not really expecting much. I sure was surprised this time. A lot of the chewing has stopped and there is fur growing on his legs again. I have not washed off his legs and feet lately. I am still giving Bean his daily allergy meds but I'm hoping to be able to stop those by Christmas or sooner, if his fur continues to grow in like it has been and the chewing has stopped completely. I am glad I tried Bean on AvoDerm.

Vinton, VA


We adopted Lucy on August 7, 2009. The day after we got her we noticed her bowels were not solid. The vet discovered she had coccidian. We put her on chicken & rice once the parasite was out of her system, we started her on Eukanuba Puppy. She immediately had bowel issues again. We put her back on chicken and rice until her stools were normal and then tried a “better” brand of dog food called EVO. Lucy again had loose stools. She was back on the chicken and rice for a week. I researched all the different foods and came across AvoDerm. We slowly introduced that to her and after a few weeks, she shows no signs of intestinal distress. She is a very happy, healthy 5-month-old puppy, and we are thrilled to have found AvoDerm Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice.
Marana, AZ


I just want to thank your company for creating such an amazing product. I was skeptical to switch my dogs diet due to her extremely sensitive stomach. I have not only seen an improvement to her stomach issues but a shiny and thicker coat only in a matter of a month. My dog loves AvoDerm, she gets so excited every time she sees the convenient reseal able bag. Every chance I get I recommend your product to my friends.

Thanks so much again for a great product!!!!
Boynton Beach, FL


I just wanted to let you know what a difference AvoDerm has made with our Greyhound. He had a rash on his neck that he constantly was irritating. We were sent to a dog dermatologist several times who wanted to charge huge amounts of money to "attempt" to figure out what was wrong with him. We used hydrocortisone to stop the itching but he just licked it off. Then we were told about your product and it has done wonders for him. He no longer has the rash and no longer licks his neck (and the hydrocortisone). He also feels so incredibly soft (which he wasn't before). A friend always remarks that our dog could be an advertisement for your product. So I just wanted to thank you very much!
Santa Cruz, CA


I just wanted to thank you for your fine products. Switching to your wet and dry food has cleared up my smooth Border Collie's (possibly part mystery dog) skin/coat condition completely after about three months, though the improvement began almost immediately.

I clipped a coupon out of BARK Magazine, which made me try AvoDerm. Please keep advertizing with them, as mutts are definitely where it's at!

Thanks again, your food is well worth the cost!
Cape May, NJ


I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your dog food. We adopted a 4 year-old Samoyed from a rescue organization in North Carolina last June. He is a lovely dog whose coat was matted when he was found and it had to be cut. After we brought him to CT, his coat started to fall out, like Samoyeds' coats do a couple of times a year, but the fur was coming out in handfuls. We have had Samoyeds before, but never had seen anything so bad. I went to the PetSmart store and the manager recommended your dog food. What a change! Our dog Casper's coat is thick, white and just beautiful. He loves the flavor of the food so much that I had to start giving the adult lite dog food rather than the regular lamb and rice. Casper looks great. We tell everyone about AvoDerm.
Thank you,

Hamden, CT


I used AvoDerm years ago with my Springer Spaniel for ‘hotspots’ that worked beautifully. I got a coupon in the mail for the dry AvoDerm dog food that I tried with my two Poms. The 14-year-old one had four good-sized bald spots on his rear and his tail had gotten really thin. After about 3 months now, his coat looks wonderful, the bald spots are almost entirely filled in and his tail looks much, much better. Our 7 year old, who had a thick coat already looks like a little bear now. They both seem to have even more energy than before - guess they like avocadoes as much and my husband and I.
Santee, CA


Original Oven-Baked:
I have a Shih Tzu who is two years old. For the first 18 months of Ginger's life, she scratched constantly. We finally had blood work done and found out that she is allergic to potatoes, carrots, yeast, eggs and oats. I had a very hard time finding a natural dog food that did not contain any of these ingredients. I finally found AvoDerm Original and have been using it ever since. It has been a lifesaver! Ginger loves it! I also started to use your shampoo and it also causes no irritation!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our new puppy will only know your products!
Raynham, MA


Large Breed Adult:
I just wanted to say that my family loves your product.  My lab, Lilly, had allergies and developed a granuloma on her leg with her previous food.  After researching long and hard, we started her on AvoDerm Large Breed Adult Chicken Meal & Brown Rice and haven't looked back. Thanks for making a wonderful product that is good for my baby!   
Thanks again,

East Moline, IL


Adult Chicken Meal & Brown Rice:
I just wanted to tell you guys that my dog loves your food.  She had an issue with seasonal alopecia. She would lose patches of hair every year around the spring.  I was told by a PetSmart trainer to try your food.  My dog has not had a loss of hair since I have switched over her food. That was 2 years ago.  Thank you for producing a good quality product for animals.  

I used the Adult Chicken and Brown Rice formula with the orange band.  My dog eats a lot so I actually buy the biggest back you offer.  I’m not sure which pound size it is.  I have an 80lb boxer who loves it but again, thank you for your great product. 

Northbrook, IL


Lamb & Brown Rice:
Red Bandanna suggested I let you know how wonderful the AvoDerm Lamb & Brown Rice product is. Our wheaten terrier is the first dog our family has owned, so needless to say, we didn't have a clue about a puppy. Turned out our little guy was experiencing bloody diarrhea that no breeder, medicine, kibble, or vet could cure. Your product was life altering for him and us. He has been healthy and happy for two years now thanks to you.
Alpharetta, GA


I just wanted to tell you that my 10-year-old Frenchie has always had white flakes on his skin. I tried a few different remedies but nothing helped. Recently, I started feeding him a few spoonfuls of AvoDerm canned food with his kibble. Within a week, there was a noticeable difference - almost no flakes at all and so it continues for the last two months. Thanks for making this food.
Dexter, NY


I recently bought your Oatmeal & Berries Kookies for my dog (to help her teeth....she's allergic to beef). I'm here to tell you how much she loves them! I find her standing in the kitchen just staring at the bag sitting on the counter....of course it's so cute, I reinforce her "bad" behavior by giving her one! These are great....thanks for making her day!! :-)) Yumm,
Mattawan, MI