AvoDerm® Cat Foods Customer Experiences

3oz cans/Indoor with Hairball Care
I ONLY feed my cats AvoDerm Tuna & Crabmeat and AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care dry food. My cats range in age from 19 to 10 months old and all three were rescues. Because of the food they eat, their coats are like rabbit fur and their health can't be beat. I once asked a rep, from another food company, if they had anything that compared to AvoDerm and they said “you can't get any better than that!” So I know I am only feeding my cats the best of the best.
Folsom, CA


AvoDerm Adult Chicken & Herring
Where do I start? 
I have a 10-year-old Female Bengal whom my husband and I noticed had been throwing up quite a bit after eating.  Then in December of 2007 she had to undergo surgery to have several bad teeth removed.  In February of 2008, I awoke one morning and Nittany was throwing up a very large hairball. Upon further inspection I immediately noticed that she was bare on both of her sides and down her hind quarters.  She had pulled all of her hair out.  After many visits to the Veterinarian's office, and many doses of medicine, I decided to take her off of the food I previously had her on, as my Vet said that she might be experiencing a food allergy. 

My brother had told me about AvoDerm and the great effects it had on his cat's coats.  I switched Nittany over to AvoDerm and within a 2-week time frame she quit the constant grooming and twitching caused by the itching.  It has now been approximately a month and a half and I feel as if my 10-year-old cat has turned into a kitten again.  Not only is her coat extremely shiny it feels like velvet, as Bengals are supposed to.  She is once again playing like I have not seen her play in years.  Thanks to AvoDerm I feel like my cat is not only happy again, but she is healthy. Thank you!!!
Easton, PA


AvoDerm Adult Chicken & Herring
I bought AvoDerm for cats and although I thought my cats had really beautiful fur I cannot believe how much nicer it has gotten in just 4 weeks. I am owned by 6 cats, so finding something they all like is a job. I was hesitant to change from Pro Plan as they seemed to all pretty much eat it. I tried AvoDerm and they all loved it plus they all are so shiny and their fur is incredible. I wish I could find something that good for me and my hair :). Even my older cat is shiny and gorgeous. Thanks for the great product and for the less stinky litter box.
Maricopa, AZ


Indoor with Hairball Care
I purchased a 3.5 bag of AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care dry cat food. This was the first bag purchased. As I was changing over from another cat food I mixed the AvoDerm with the other food. It was obvious there was something in the food that drew my cats to the bowl. When I opened the bag you would have thought that I had gotten out the catnip as cats came from out of nowhere.
Corinth, TX


Chicken 5.5oz Can
I just purchased a few cans of your products for my finicky one year-old cat Truex. He absolutely adored the AvoDerm chicken canned food. It was the 5.5 oz. can pate style. He is a very good looking kitten so if you ever need a spokes-cat, let me know. I have never seen him quite this enthusiastic so it must be quite tasty. Keep up the good work!
Denver, CO


Indoor with Hairball Care
I am very pleased with AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care dry cat food...my 2 cats were having terrible hairball issues and the one would throw up at least once a week or more. This cat got thin and her fur didn’t look so nice so I fed both cats AvoDerm. It made a difference in eating habits as well as skin, fur and hairballs. I am glad I chose AvoDerm since I had researched all kinds of cat foods on internet. I will continue using the Indoor with Hairball Care dry cat food.
Brookfield, OH


Indoor with Hairball Care
I just want to thank you so very much for putting a quality food on the market. We are a multi cat home. Kiki, a domestic medium hair tends to have oily fur with dandruff and gets fur balls. Aengus, a flame point Siamese is male, and we were concerned about his urinary track. Sasha, a tortie with short hair and we aren't worried about this one at all. We feed them AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care adult cat food. It covers all bases for all of them. Kiki's coat went from a grease ball to a fabulous looking kitty with no dandruff and never coughs up fur balls. It works for our concern with Aengus' urinary track as it has low magnesium. And Sasha loves the taste so much, she goes back for seconds and thirds....what Kiki and Aengus do not eat. Aengus' fur was kind of coarse, but now he is so soft. Our vet has commented on their coats – all positive. We highly recommend this food to anyone who comments on their appearance or who is getting a new dog or cat. Thank you again!!
Ms. Milllette


Indoor with Hairball Care
I recently started purchasing AvoDerm for my 2.5-year-old cat, Dahlia.  Her skin was dry and flaky, it was coming out in mats and she'd leave them on the floor behind her.  When she groomed herself, sometime the loose hair would come off in her mouth and she'd have no choice but to swallow it.  I think you can imagine the horrible hairballs she had.

I researched your product, liked the sound of the description, so I bought it.  I couldn't believe she actually went through a small bag and I noticed her flaky skin going away.  It's been 4 months now and the improvement in her skin is fantastic.  Her hairballs have dramatically reduced and she's happy, with a ton of energy. Finally, I've found a product I can continue to buy.  Thank you and please keep up the good work!
Ms. O'Connor


Indoor with Hairball Care
I recently switched feeding my cats Hill Science Diet and decided to try your brand AvoDerm because it came with a $3 off coupon. I said what the heck, why not. I was nervous as to how the cats were going to like it, as they are picky with their food. They immediately began eating it, no sniffing, no hesitation; which I thought was crazy! It has now been 5 weeks since I first bought your food.

Their fur has never been softer. We noticed it last night and couldn't get over it. They have more energy. The litter box has not smelled this "good" in ages. I originally bought a 7lb bag and now I am buying the 17lbs because you have gained a lifelong customer. YOU HAVE AN AMAZING PRODUCT! IT DOES EVERYTHING IT SAYS IT DOES ON THE PACKAGE! KEEP IT UP!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You guys are quality! Thanks again! Your food rocks!
Franklin, WI


AvoDerm Adult Chicken & Herring
“Do you drink Cabernet Savignon, I eat AvoDerm, any questions?”
I adopted my cat from a neighbor who was allergic. Chemin de Furr is an inside kitty with a quite personality. The only time she meows is when the AvoDerm is served the rest of the time she ignores me. Her hair is excellent with a bright shiny coat.

Las Vegas, NV


AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care
I put both of my cats, one 9 and the other 10, on the AvoDerm Indoor with Hairball Care. Their coats are more vibrant than ever before. My older cat, Mama, has new life in her. She is much more playful. It is almost like she is a kitten again. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful that makes me feel. My younger cat, Squirt, has always had hairball issues and now that issue has almost stopped. It is important for me to inform you that I am elated with the response my cats have had to your product. I tell almost everyone that I know, that owns a cat, to try your product. I know that my cats and I are much happier.
Thank you so much!

Simpsonville, SC


5.5 oz Cans
I am currently feeding my 4 month old kitten your AvoDerm wet food and I just wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with your product. He is usually picky about his wet food but he really loves AvoDerm. I've also noticed a difference in his coat since I started feeding it to him. He is so soft and shiny! Thanks so much!
Rainier, WA


3 oz Cans
Two years ago, the vet diagnosed our girl, Dorothy Parker, with irritable bowel syndrome.  She prescribed a steroid, which seemed to “solve” the problem, or so we thought.  About six months ago, we noticed she was losing a great deal of weight, drinking a lot of water, and was extremely lethargic. This time it was diabetes, exacerbated by the steroid she was taking.  The vet prescribed insulin and a special diet.  With two other cats, it was difficult feeding her special food while keeping her from the other food and vice versa.  We also worried that Gatsby, our four-year-old tabby, would run into similar problems as he grew older.  He was already tipping the scales at 21 lbs and we tried a number of things to bring his weight under control.
After a great deal of research, we learned several things. 1.  Cats are obligate carnivores.  They cannot digest the filler found in most commercial cat foods, especially the dry cat foods.  This causes a host of medical problems to include IBS, diabetes and obesity.  2.  Many veterinarians have relied on the pet food industry to provide nutritional information and expertise.  This has caused many vets to neglect the research on animal nutrition and overlook the connections between diet and illness.  3.  There are very few commercially available foods that are free of the carbohydrate fillers that cats can’t digest properly.  That’s when we discovered AvoDerm 3oz cans.
Within about a month of eating two cans of AvoDerm a day, Dorothy Parker was weaned off the steroid and her diabetes went into remission.  She’s now a very energetic 13-year-old. She’s running and jumping all over the house and is able to keep up with her four-year-old siblings. As for the other two . . . Gatsby has lost about a pound . . . we’re trying not to let him lose weight too fast. He’s running around and playing, full of mischief.  Daisy, our picky eater, loves every bite of the Tuna and Crab and the new flavor, Tuna and Chicken entrée with Vegetables. Thank you AvoDerm for caring about our kids.


Ocean Fish 5.5 oz Can
I recently purchased so:me of the AvoDerm Ocean Fish formula canned cat food for my cat. We've been struggling for months to find a food that he will eat and we seem to have finally come upon a winner. For a cat who we were sure was dying a couple months ago to wolf down this food and ask for more is an amazing thing. Thank you so much for making this food!
Saint Paul, MN


AvoDerm 3 oz Chicken Can
I was in a store one day about a month ago looking for some assistance on canned cat food. Little did I know that was going to be my lucky day and my cat Baby Kitty's very very lucky day. For a few months before my lucky day, Baby Kitty was eating less and less, his coat had knots in it, his fur was dull and he was in general looking in very bad shape. Then on my lucky day, I was looking at the cans of cat food when one of the other customers came up to me and asked me if I needed some help. I of course said I did and then I asked him if he worked for the store. He said no, he then explained he was a retired cat and dog nutritionist. Once I told him my story about Baby Kitty, he right away told me about the nutritional benefits of AvoDerm Products. Since that day, AvoDerm Chunky Chicken pieces is the only wet food I give him and now I have a brand new cat. His coat is richer and the knots seem to be going away, his attitude is much better and we no longer think he is about to leave us. I wish I knew that man's name because I would like to thank him for recommending AvoDerm to me. Now we're also buying the AvoDerm kibble and AvoDerm dog food kibble.
I just thought I should let you know about Baby Kitty!

Hayward, CA

My 15-year-old Siamese mix cat was looking very "scruffy", as my daughter put it. She brought me a canister of AvoDerm Booster, which I have been using for five weeks. As my three cats eat together, they have all been consuming this with their food. I have not noticed any difference in the coats of my two young cats--18 months and 7 months-- whose coats were already beautiful. But old Kahlua's coat is looking vastly improved--thicker and glossier. Thank you very much for this product. I must confess I was skeptical about its efficacy, but am very pleased with the result.
Sarasota, FL

I have to thank you so much for your wonderful food. Our three cats had major dandruff before we started them on AvoDerm. It is now five weeks later, the dandruff has disappeared, the cats beg for the food and their coats are amazing. They look more beautiful than they did as kittens. I have recommended AvoDerm to all my friends. 
Thank you!

Sacramento, CA